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Manager, FE Operations, Materials (Taichung/ Taoyuan)

  • 全職

As a FE Material Procurement Operations Mgr you will lead a team of Supplier Managers to support the implementation of the global category strategies at your site(s). This will include working with partners and the Global Category teams to provide input into the strategies as they are developed by understanding current and future site requirements in addition to gathering market intelligence from local supplier representatives. Your team will be responsible for managing implementation of each category's strategy by establishing site-specific implementation timing, collaborating with required implementation resources, and developing communication channels and tools to introduce the new strategy.

The Site/Regional FE Material team is responsible for gathering local feedback on supplier performance to contribute to supplier scorecards and business reviews, reporting cost savings opportunities and achievements, and following up on site specific supplier quality issues. You will be an integral part of the escalation process for any supplier related issues, working closely with the local and global teams on resolution and root cause analysis to drive improvements.

Other responsibilities include ensuring department compliance to company policies and departmental procedures. You will provide leadership for building and implementing department strategies, processes, and policy through active oversight of functional teams and projects, and mentor functional leaders through teamwork and the development of sustainably successful solutions. You will also be responsible for conveying corporate business initiatives, aligning team and individual goals to business objectives, and driving overall high performance within your team and the department. In addition, you are to cover the Business Process Steward responsibilities. Working locations can be in Taoyuan or Taichung.

Responsibilities and Tasks
Lead Team Member Performance

Coach and provide career development
Establish goals and monitor performance achievement
Conduct performance appraisals & provide recognition
Build an Effective Team

Manage team staffing and succession
Empower team members and promote teamwork
Provide line of sight to strategic objectives
Promote partnership across functional areas and customer groups
Manage Functional Area Service Delivery for FE Materials

Influence and develop functional strategies
Provide consultation on work execution and problem solving
Identify and implement system and process improvements
Develop, communicate, and monitor performance metrics
Provide Organizational Leadership to Build Functional Strategies, Processes, and Policy

Build and execute strategies according to requirements (e.g. stakeholder, regulatory, corporate, departmental)
Maintain domain knowledge to provide subject matter expertise
Actively participate in or lead functional teams and projects
Align internal strategies and communicate line of sight to corporate strategic objectives
Collaborate with Stakeholders to Deliver Strategic Solutions

Identify and understand service requirements
Develop metrics to clarify deliverables
Coordinate functional services with peer group and internal global partners
Manage conflict and build effective relationships with internal and external partners
Ensure a Safe, Compliant, and Ethical Work Environment

Maintain knowledge of and apply company safety, labor, and ethics policies
Communicate requirements to applicable team members and external partners
Oversee execution of mandatory training for direct reports
Identify and resolve and / or report potential safety, security, and labor issues
Working locations can be in Taoyuan or Taichung.


  • 接受身份: 上班族
  • 工作經歷: 三年以上
  • 學歷要求: 大學 碩士
  • 語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /精通、說 /精通、讀 /精通、寫 /精通
  • 其它條件: Education
    • Required: Bachelor/Masters Degree or equivalent experience in Business, Business Administration or Management, Engineering, Supply Chain Management, or related field of study
    • Desired Certification: APICS, PMI, CPM, CPSM, or other related fields of study
    • 3 to 5 years’ experience in Purchasing/Procurement, Engineering, or Supply Chain
    • Proficient in English, in terms of oral/written communication
    • Strong communication skills and the ability to be a persuasive advocate
    • Experience as change agent that seeks out and advocates new and innovative solutions to meet the business needs
    • Collaboration skills with peers in global category and stakeholder teams
    • Able to work independently or with a cross functional team
    • Demonstrated relationship management skills, including to navigate the organization and influence decisions
    • Demonstrated analytical and problem solving skills, including leveraging an analytic toolset and setting financial targets to incorporate Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) concepts
    • History in Business Acumen, Planning, and Decision Making
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite applications
    • Exceptional negotiation experience
    • Familiarity with FE Materials categories
    • Personnel Management experience


☆薪資及獎金制度 ☆
1. 年薪14個月計,含年終獎金。
2. 工程師職位薪資:
(2)輪班工程師NT46000起 (輪班津貼另計)
3. 績效獎金(IPP):按公司營運績效及組織目標成效給與。
4. 即時獎勵(Spot Bonus/Micron Point):發給工作表現卓越之員工。
5. 久任獎勵(Service Award):服務每滿五年之員工,可獲頒特別贈品。
6. 勞工退休金雇主提撥率:8%,優於勞基法規定。
7. 新進員工到職當月即享有特休假(依服務比例按月給予特休),優於勞基法規定。
8. 全薪病假80小時;政府紀念不放假之紀念日給予特別休假,讓同仁有更多的假期安排。
Micron全球人力培訓主要目標是 - 確保每個成員都能夠獲得展現高績效成果所需要的學習資源。Micron提倡標準化的訓練架構,以便根據團隊成員的職位、工作職能、工作角色和執行的特定工作來識別必要和相關的訓練。Micron 的主要訓練架構:
1. 美光核心職能訓練:包含與法規遵循相關且適用於所有 Micron成員的訓練活動。
2. 地區性/廠區核心要求:包含與法規遵循相關、適用於特定地區或廠區之所有成員的訓練活動。
3. 部門核心職能訓練:包含適用於特定部門內所有成員,包含與安全有關以及單位內訓練活動。
4. 特定工作角色的特定訓練:如領導力訓練、接班人計畫。
5. 除了一般的訓練方法,美光也利用多元的學習方式來達到人力發展目標,如:自我學習方案、工作輪調、專案參與等。
1. 健保、勞工保險及免費團體保險(含壽險、意外、健康醫療團體保險)。員工配偶及子女享有免費健康醫療團體保險。
2. 醫務室,具專業護士駐廠並定期提供專科醫師問診。
3. 生日禮券、生育、婚喪賀奠及急難補助。
4. 提供多條路線之交通車搭乘服務。
5. 設有各式公司社團及康樂活動。
6. 設施完善的停車場。
7. 員工餐廳及便利商店。
8. 社團經費補助。
9. 開放式圖書閱覽室以及健身房。
10. 設備完善的電腦教室與訓練教室。
11. 員工宿舍。

人事部門之雇用平權承辦人負責本政策之執行、解答任何相關問題及查核員工遵守政策之成效狀況。申請過程中如需要協助,請聯繫美光人力資源部 03-3272988 ext.3424-3426 / 04-25218177。』
Jobseekers are not required to pay fees, deposits or incur debt as part of the recruitment process or for employment with Micron.



  • 職務聯絡人: 台灣人力資源營運中心
  • 聯絡E-Mail: 未填寫 我要應徵
  • 洽: 不接受電洽
  • 洽: 不接受親洽
  • 它: 請由以下連結申請此職缺, 並提供英文履歷:
    Please submit your application via below link and attach English CV: https://career4.successfactors.com/sfcareer/jobreqcareer?jobId=131748&company=micron&username=


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