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As an engineer in Technology Development Engineering Program/Project Management (TD EPM) in Package Development and Engineering (PDE) at Micron Technology, Inc., you will be responsible for both TD program management and integration of various TD & Pre-NPI enabling projects to make sure timely and satisfactory results are achieved that supports the technology roadmap and commitments of PDE. In this position, you will also be the domain specialist of the TD business process and systems and will drive for continuous improvement.
Technology Development (TD) & Pre-NPI Enabling Program Management
Drive a suite of TD/Pre-NPI enabling projects that supports a program to ensure it’s rolled out in accordance with the TD playbook and committed timelines
Ensure business processes are followed
Deliverables/artifacts from each TD phase are completed & documented
Facilitate the TD Project Review, Phase Gate Review, PMI Review and other TD-related forums
Manage the TD Confluence Space as TD project management and communication tool
Define, develop and continuously improve the TD business processes & systems
TD & Pre-NPI Enabling Project Integration
Integrate project level activities & deliverables
Stitch all project deliverables & dependencies Develop the project timelines together project team Facilitate readiness activities for all development builds, ensuring all materials & collaterals are ready (Wafers, DMs, IDMs, MAM flow, etc) Facilitate the creation of build schedules Drive, track, manage builds & communicate status to keep execution on track Develop templates for data collection by area/logpoint SMEs Escalate risk, issues & roadblocks to project lead for immediate resolution Drive for an organized project documentation, centralize devt data and completion of project artifacts
POC for TD PGR projects wafer request & forecast
Consolidate, communicate, secure, track
Maintain Communication and Peer Relation
Promote worldwide synergy at all appropriate opportunities. Look for efficiency gains and improved benchmark performance through joint problem solving, leveraging and improving the BKM, worldwide project management and system creation.
Maintain a strong and open relationship with peer group and managers in other functional areas within and outside PDE. Communicate and respond to issues in a timely manner.
Conduct meetings and facilitate/drive when needed to complete projects, improve business processes and fix tactical problems. Send effective action item lists, updates or results of the meetings.
Demonstrate ability to give effective presentations to both small and large groups on program and project updates and new initiative proposals. Communicate issues which impact Backend in a timely manner and help drive to fix the issue where necessary.
Periodically follow up with manager to ensure all type of goals are met and get assistance to remove obstacles. Use all available resources to manage the successful completion of goals, including resources outside of the area.
Be prepared to give feedback and discuss action items during regular one-on-one meetings with your supervisor
Develop external relationships to achieve new ideas and procedures to keep pace with Industry standards and method
Can travel to Micron BE locations as necessary for face to face work
Be involve in process safety management systems development and sustainment like Micron’s “Good Catch” program. Actively participate in safety initiatives to achieve zero major event occurrences across the Micron manufacturing network.
Take a proactive approach to safety, and utilize corporate and site safety resources for escalation issues as appropriate.


  • 接受身份: 上班族、外籍人士、原住民【相關法令
  • 工作經歷: 三年以上
  • 學歷要求: 大學 碩士
  • 語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等
    Masters or Bachelor’s degree in Engineering
    3+ years of experience in Semiconductor Backend Manufacturing, preferably in Project/Process Integration, Project/program Management, Technology Development or Process Engineering role
    Demonstrated track record in baseline performance improvement, project management, business process creation, data interpretation skills and proficiency in statistical analysis/method like JMP/Yield3 analytic tools
    Excels in leading teams in a global manufacturing network involving team members of various discipline and culture
    Excellent analytical skills and organizational competency
    With good oral and written English communication skill
    Proficiency in critical computer applications like Excel, Word, Power Point & statistical tools


☆薪資及獎金制度 ☆
1. 12個月基本薪資+2個月年終獎金(需當年度12月31日當日在職員工方能領取)
2. 工程師職位薪資:
(2)輪班工程師NT46000起 (輪班津貼另計)
3. 績效獎金(IPP):按公司營運績效及組織目標成效給與。
4. 即時獎勵(Spot Bonus/Micron Point):發給工作表現卓越之員工。
5. 久任獎勵(Service Award):服務每滿五年之員工,可獲頒特別贈品。
6. 勞工退休金雇主提撥率:8%,優於勞基法規定。
7. 新進員工到職當月即享有特休假(依服務比例按月給予特休),優於勞基法規定。
8. 全薪病假80小時;政府紀念不放假之紀念日給予特別休假,讓同仁有更多的假期安排。
Micron全球人力培訓主要目標是 - 確保每個成員都能夠獲得展現高績效成果所需要的學習資源。Micron提倡標準化的訓練架構,以便根據團隊成員的職位、工作職能、工作角色和執行的特定工作來識別必要和相關的訓練。Micron 的主要訓練架構:
1. 美光核心職能訓練:包含與法規遵循相關且適用於所有 Micron成員的訓練活動。
2. 地區性/廠區核心要求:包含與法規遵循相關、適用於特定地區或廠區之所有成員的訓練活動。
3. 部門核心職能訓練:包含適用於特定部門內所有成員,包含與安全有關以及單位內訓練活動。
4. 特定工作角色的特定訓練:如領導力訓練、接班人計畫。
5. 除了一般的訓練方法,美光也利用多元的學習方式來達到人力發展目標,如:自我學習方案、工作輪調、專案參與等。
1. 健保、勞工保險及免費團體保險(含壽險、意外、健康醫療團體保險)。員工配偶及子女享有免費健康醫療團體保險。
2. 醫務室,具專業護士駐廠並定期提供專科醫師問診。
3. 生日禮券、生育、婚喪賀奠及急難補助。
4. 提供多條路線之交通車搭乘服務。
5. 設有各式公司社團及康樂活動。
6. 設施完善的停車場。
7. 員工餐廳及便利商店。
8. 社團經費補助。
9. 開放式圖書閱覽室以及健身房。
10. 設備完善的電腦教室與訓練教室。
11. 員工宿舍(台中廠)、租屋補助(桃園廠)。

人事部門之雇用平權承辦人負責本政策之執行、解答任何相關問題及查核員工遵守政策之成效狀況。申請過程中如需要協助,請聯繫美光人力資源部 04-25218177(免轉分機) / 03-3272988 ext.3425 。』
Jobseekers are not required to pay fees, deposits or incur debt as part of the recruitment process or for employment with Micron.



  • 職務聯絡人: 台灣人力資源營運中心
  • 聯絡E-Mail: 未填寫 我要應徵
  • 洽: 不接受電洽
  • 洽: 不接受親洽
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