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製程開發工程師(薄膜沉積) Regional Product Support Engineer - 新竹

  • 全職

-Job Responsibilities-
• A technical expert on Lam’s ALD Deposition products – provide technical expertise to resolve all Type 1/2 escalations on Lam’s Restricted Released products and is a Subject Matter Expert in Lam's specialist disciplines.
• Communicates as a subject matter expert on high level technical issues and escalations while providing guidance and recommending solutions.
• Provides technical support to field engineers, technicians, and product support personnel who are diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and debugging complex electro/mechanical equipment, computer systems, complex software, or networked and/or wireless systems.
• Responds to situations where first-line product and escalates or finds solutions in malfunctioning equipment or software.
• Reports design, reliability and maintenance problems or bugs to design engineering/software engineering. May be involved in customer installation and training.
• Partners with the account team to present to customers the problem statement, identified root causes and getting buy-in on proposed solutions
• Identifies and communicates opportunities for installed base performance improvements within a customer site/account through hands on and or installed based performance data collection/analysis
• Drives required actions at the customer site to resolve escalations and prevent repeat problems
• Liaises between Customers, Product Groups, Field Sales, Business Development and other organizations to ensure closure of product issues. May works closely with Account GM(s), CSOMs and other senior level engineers in Field, CSBG and GPG.
• Participates in the review of procedures, processes and tool design impacting development activity.
• Manages projects and provides reports to management to deliver the desired result. Conduct customer escalation meetings.
• Any other duties as assigned by the immediate supervisor.

-Other Job Responsibilities-
• Leadership
1. Participates in Lam’s worldwide technical community and actively shares knowledge and takes a leadership position to enhance worldwide learning and its application.
2. Acts as technical mentor for field and account engineers and may design or conduct training sessions.

• Customer Relations
1. Provides support to customer/users where the product is highly technical or sophisticated in nature.
2. Develops customer confidence through credible recommendations and an understanding of the customer’s perspective to support sales, service and revenue.


  • 接受身份: 上班族
  • 工作經歷: 三年以上
  • 學歷要求: 大學以上
  • 語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /精通、說 /精通、讀 /精通、寫 /精通
  • 工作技能: 專案溝通╱整合管理、作業系統基本操作、系統維護操作、操作控制及故障排除、日常檢查及異常狀況初步研判
  • 具備證照: TOEIC (多益測驗)
  • 其它條件: -Minimum Qualifications-
    • Ph.D. with 3+ years of relevant work experience or; MS or Engineering degree with 6+ years of work experience; or BS with 8+ years of work experience
    • Understand and work from electrical and mechanical schematics, diagrams and interpret operation manuals
    • Use computer applications, including data analysis tools, word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.
    • Formulate root cause hypothesis, analysis and action plans with detail problem statements, data analysis and success criteria.
    • Provide quality remote and on-site escalation support and escalation management.
    • Troubleshoot technical problems and coordinate multiple technical tasks.
    • Work directly with customers to meet their needs and expectations with attention to detail and high degree of accuracy
    • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers and customer and adhere to customer rules and policies regarding worksite behavior and safety with minimal supervision
    • Able to work in constrictive clean room environment, wearing appropriate personal protective safety equipment as required, and sit or stand for prolonged periods of time in a demanding environment with changing workloads.
    • Work flexible shifts and on-call including nights, weekends, and holidays.
    • Be available for constant communication with the field through either meeting, instant messenger, text, email, etc.
    • Able to travel both domestic and international based on business need.

    -Preferred Qualifications-
    • Excellent customer management skills and possess experience in dealing with difficult work partners
    • Possesses strong inter-personal, negotiation and communications skills.
    • Possesses strong analytical and problem solving skills
    • Able to work in a air-conditioned clean room
    • Must be able to wear personal protective clothing which comprises of air respirator equipment, clean room garments and safety shoes
    • Able to perform shift and standby duties

    • Problem Solving Ability
    • Communication (Need to communicate with US with English speak and listen)
    • Continuous Learning
    • Customer Orientation
    • Professionalism
    • Project Management
    • Relationship Management





- 保障年薪14個月
- 各式津貼補助
- 優於勞基法之加班津貼
- 個人績效年度調薪
- 優渥的績效獎金制度
- 85折認購美國股票權利
- 優秀員工選拔與即時獎勵制度

- 勞健保、勞退提撥
- 旅平險及差旅緊急協助計畫
- 結婚、喪葬、育兒、生育、傷病住院補助等
- 急難慰問金

- 入職即享12+7天休假
- 12天全薪病假
- 15天全薪陪產假、領養假
- 7天全薪住院照顧假、10天半薪住院照顧假
- 員工、配偶、子女免費團體保險
- 優惠方案自費父母醫療險
- 員工及子女獎助學金
- 眷屬旅遊補助

- 年度定期高級健康檢查 (2021年金額提高)
- 定期醫生及護理師註診諮詢服務
- 員工及眷屬協助方案(心理、法律、財務、健康、感情、職場、家庭等問題諮商)
- 健康講座
- 多元化的社團活動

- 生日當月享生日假 (New)
- 房貸利息補助 (New)
- 家眷探親補助 (New)
- 在職進修補助
- Lam e-library電子圖書館
- 國立大學/國家圖書館年費補助
- 員工介紹獎金制度
- 生日、結婚禮金
- 佳節禮品、禮金及慶祝活動
- 彈性福利計劃
- 久任服務年資獎及慶祝活動
- 個人旅遊補助
- 年度員工旅遊
- 部門活動經費
- 孕婦專屬車位

- 配對捐款方案
- 專利和著作獎勵金

全球前三大半導體設備商 - 科林研發繼1995年與經濟部簽約成為首家加入亞太營運中心策略聯盟的晶圓製程造設備商後,2008年在台成立「亞太技術訓練中心」,引進最新晶圓製程設備,透過各種國內外訓練培養專業人才、激發潛能,持續與科林研發共同成長。

• 完善的新進人員訓練
• 新進人員個人訓練計畫
• 多元化e-Learning學習平台
• 全球專業技術訓練機會 (亞太訓練中心/奧地利/美國矽谷總部與奧勒岡訓練)
• 專業知識及技能訓練認證
• 個人訓練及發展計畫
• 管理與領導才能發展
• 英文及電腦課程補助
• 專業技能外訓補助
• 大學/國家圖書館年費補助



  • 職務聯絡人: HoLaurence
  • 聯絡E-Mail: (請利用104履歷表應徵此工作) 我要應徵
  • 洽: 不接受電洽
  • 洽: 不接受親洽


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