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CS - Application Engineer (metrology) - Hsinchu - req32896

  • 全職

Introduction to the job
•Provide you the opportunity to work with talents and multiple national people around the world
•You can learn cutting-edge metrology technology in semiconductor industry
•Other than customer support, you can get deeply involved in product development to meet customer roadmap by working with development team in headquarter.

Role and responsibilities
We proactively enable business development & drive customer adoption of a tailored portfolio of sustainable ASML products and services by applying our industry product and process knowledge in a collaborative learning environment.

Business project support
•Deliver solid metrology project results within due date by collaborating with customers, peers and ASML headquarters development team
•Drive the success of developing new products end-to-end and enhancing existing products that meeting customer requirements.
•Perform deep-dive data analysis, provide technical expertise to resolve problem and shares knowledge to worldwide technical community
Customer support
•Be customer focus and be committed to customer satisfaction by assisting process qualification and securing metrology performance
•Execute project actions and sustain daily operation
•Work closely with customer to understand customer issues and demands and meet customer performance requirements

Education and experience
• Master, technology related

• >1 years in semi-conductor industry

Working at the cutting edge of tech, you’ll always have new challenges and new problems to solve – and working together is the only way to do that. You won’t work in a silo. Instead, you’ll be part of a creative, dynamic work environment where you’ll collaborate with supportive colleagues. There is always space for creative and unique points of view. You’ll have the flexibility and trust to choose how best to tackle tasks and solve problems.
To thrive in this job, you’ll need the following skills:

•Familiar with automatic process control
•Expressive; able to defend his point and handle confrontation when necessary
•Assertive; willing to make decisions and take consequent responsibility
•Capable with big data analysis is preferred
•Coding skill is a plus, matlab, python
•Good English, presentation and reporting skills

Diversity & Inclusion
ASML is an Equal Opportunity Employer that values and respects the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is the policy of the company to recruit, hire, train and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We recognize that diversity and inclusion is a driving force in the success of our company.

Other information
• We are delivering state of the art metrology tool and applications solutions to enable our customer most advanced node development.

• High quality people are a key asset to our company. To recognize that, we offer highly competitive compensation and benefits packages to attract and retain the very best people and let them share in the success that they build. Our rewards philosophy is to attract and retain specific professional knowledge and competencies within the company by offering a competitive package in local markets where ASML is active.


  • 工作經歷: 一年以上
  • 學歷要求: 碩士
  • 語文條件: 英文 -- 聽 /中等、說 /中等、讀 /中等、寫 /中等
  • 其它條件: 未填寫


我們的精英工程師團隊不斷在科技上尋求創新突破,挑戰科技極限。如果你擅長解決複雜的科技難題,挑戰物理法則,也具備清晰的思維能夠克服危機,歡迎你加入 ASML 的行列。ASML 提供的是一條長遠的職涯規劃,讓公司同仁都能在一個重視永續學習,鼓舞的企業文化,和優渥的福利環境中工作成長。

■ 開放的企業文化
■ 不拘形式的工作環境
■ 簡單的企業組織結構
■ 新穎的硬體設施
■ 我們著重人才成長與發展
■ 我們能拓展國際視野,與來自不同國家背景的同仁共事

1. 優渥的薪酬
■ 保障年薪14個月,績效獎金平均5個月起:客戶支援工程師碩士新鮮人年薪起薪120-130萬,加計輪班津貼薪水上看150萬
■ 年度調薪優於業界:每年依公司總體營運、員工績效,及與高科技標竿企業競爭力評估,進行優於業界平均的年度調薪,並適時因應市場狀況主動額外調薪
■ 員工認股計畫,首年保證獲利20%:入職即享最高10%年薪的認股計畫,持有一年後公司直接給予購入價20%的現金。員工更可享有年度高額配息與股價漲幅獲利。(近5年ASML股價成長650%)
■ 優秀人才留任獎金及獎勵計畫
■ 員工推薦獎金35,000元

2. 完善的福利
■ 勞保與高額團保100%由公司給付,家人同享公司團保福利
■ 入職即享10天特休,每年10-30天的特別休假,帶薪事假14天、帶薪病假30天(全薪14天,半薪16天)
■ 提供免費中/西式、低GI午餐,全天候供應研磨咖啡、牛奶、茶包
■ 免費定期年度健康檢查、體適能檢查
■ 旅遊津貼、中秋端午禮金每年約30,000元;另有生育補助、結婚/喪葬津貼、特約廠商優惠等
■ 提供員工急難慰問金
■ 員工年資獎
■ 健保、勞保退休金提撥

3. 免費且豐富的學習資源
■ 為新人打造為期一年的STAR Program,快速認識ASML、適應公司文化、跨部門互動、了解自我與學習職場必備溝通技能
■ 視職務需要安排ASML原廠技術培訓,受訓地點有台灣、荷蘭、美國等先進國家
■ 員工可視個人學習需求,免費提供關鍵職能課程,提升員工跨部門溝通合作力、個人領導力、工作效率、專案管理、管理領導、英文等能力

4. 多元的發展
■ 以內部的職能發展系統為輔助,員工與主管定期共同討論自主式發展行動計畫(Development Action Plan) ,制定短期與中長期的發展與學習規劃
■ 提供多元的職涯發展路徑,透過職涯發展系統幫助員工探索職務技能需求與職能落差,並建議發展方向
■ 提供透明的內部職缺資訊,全球16個國家職缺開放輪調或轉職

5. 友善的職場
■ 女性親善:女性帶薪生理假、孕婦專屬車位、舒適且私密集乳空間、同仁陪產假,及女性支援團體
■ 健康生活:
 * 駐場護士與每月醫師駐診
 * 健康講座
 * 健康生活點數
■ 紓壓設施:
 * 設有健身房、韻律教室、咖啡廳,提供專業瑜珈/韻律課程
■ 員工協助:專業外部諮詢機構提供員工身心及工作諮詢
■ 豐富活動:
 * 福委會舉辦之多元化活動與社團
 * 額外提撥“Great Place to Work” 經費,規劃野餐、音樂會、棒球日等各式活動,開放眷屬參加
 * 舉辦各式慈善/社區服務活動,開放眷屬參加
■ 安心差旅:提供國內外優質星級差旅飯店供選擇,提供保險及海外急難救助計畫
■ 交通接駁:
 * 提供交通津貼
 * 提供交通車往返台北/林口/新竹地區



  • 職務聯絡人: Recruitment Taiwan
  • 聯絡E-Mail: (請利用104履歷表應徵此工作) 我要應徵
  • 洽: 不接受電洽
  • 洽: 不接受親洽


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