IC佈局工程師/工作機會 - 分類找工作


  • PCB layout


    1.PCB-佈局或修改製作 2.超過三年以上的PCB佈局經驗 3.專案配合

  • Synopsys: APR 4個月專案


    Synopsys 徵求4個月左右的短期APR工程師,支援Synopsys APR專案團隊完成 APR implemetation。工作地點新竹、台北、SOHO可協調,因此工作地點相當彈性。 * Project based (project is around 4 months). * Will be hired as contracted consultant and involed in APR implemetation. * Working location Hsinchu or Taipei are negotiable. As a Physical Design Consultant, you will be responsible for assisting our customers successfully tape out from RTL to GDS or from Netlist to GDS by using Synopsys EDA tools. Your main focus will be in the areas of design planning, floorplanning, physical synthesis, place and route, parasitic extraction, signal integrity analysis and prevention, IR drop analysis and physical verification (DRC/LVS). A secondary focus will be in static timing analysis and formal verification. You will be working as a member of the customer’s IC design team, leveraging their experience and Synopsys and industry best practices to have immediate impact on their current project while transferring valuable knowledge for future projects.

  • 電路圖繪圖


    1.執行內容:電路圖繪製、逆向工程。 2.執行時間:約2個月。 3.須至公司討論,公司在新北市新莊區。 4.使用Protel繪製。 5.意者歡迎洽談。

  • Delta-Sigma modulator IC設計


    1.請提案人協助Delta-Sigma modulator IC設計 2.執行地點:不拘 3.計酬方式面議 4.條件需求: (1)熟悉digital circuit design (2)熟悉Delta-Sigma modulator

  • Ethernet PHY IC


    Gigabit Ethernet PHY IC porting 1.Gigabit Ethernet PHY 系統設計經驗數位部分 2.驗証Gigabit Ethernet PHY IC 相關經驗 3.了解Gigabit Ethernet PHY IC相關系統韌體 4.Ethernet PHY 的演算法開發 (長期顧問): 具備熟悉數位通訊, 數位訊號處理, Digital Filter, Equalizer, Timing Recovery, Auto-Gain control, Baseline wander correction & echo cancellatio